‘Oh God’: A gem of a movie…1 min read

It’s time to revisit the old classic ‘ Oh, God!’, with the news of ‘Oh my god’ remake in Telugu grabbing headlines. Refreshingly, it does not feature any lead stars of that time, and ‘God’ appears in an avuncular old man avatar, just another face in the crowd.

‘Oh, God’! is a 1977  film starring George Burns and John Denver.  The story centers on a supermarket manager Jerry Landers (Denver), chosen by God (Burns) to spread his message. Right from their first meeting when Jerry is having his shower to the last scene where God assures him about his sanity, the movie holds your interest like no other.

What’s really refreshing about the movie is that it doesn’t pontificate or play to galleries like films of the genre of ‘Oh My God’ do. Instead the movie is an interesting play on a ‘what if’ scenario and takes us on a journey with an unlikely combination of characters. The movie also gives us plenty to ponder about.

In short, it might not be ‘mass’y enough for remakes in several languages, but it is just about right for a movie lover who expects quality entertainment with a bit of enlightenment thrown in to the mix.

There are several good dialogues from the movie, and this one is my favorite, when an exasperated Jerry Landers questions why he was chosen to spread the message.

Jerry Landers : I don’t even go to any church!
God: Neither do I.

Here is a nice video on Youtube compiled by a fan.

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