Nandan Nilikeni on Infosys1 min read

We have showed conclusively to the world that we have a new structurally different way of doing things, disruptive to the legacy players and sustainable. There was a legacy business model based on local resources in different silos and a global model which we have essentially invented. It treats the whole world as a network of people and finds ways to reallocate work in an optimal fashion. Our model has been proved superior because it is faster, better and cheaper. As we go forward, we believe customers are asking for the holy grail in our business — companies that in their execution capability are built on this global model, and at the same time well versed in customers’ business challenges, capable of becoming mission critical transformation partners. We think Infosys is uniquely placed for this.

Next week, Nandan M Nilekani takes over as the head of Infosys Technologies with N R Narayana Murthy becoming non-executive chairman. Business Standard asked the new leader to look back and forward.