‘Jobs’: Does not connect the dots…1 min read

‘Jobs’ ends up being a good acting attempt by Ashton Kutcher and nothing more.

The bearded poster is misleading, as the movie uses that look of Steve Jobs only once, when Jobs unveils iPod during an Apple townhall meeting. Rest of the movie is about Jobs’s life from his college days to reclaiming his CEO post at Apple. Infact, the movie for the most part, is like yesteryear ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’ told from Jobs perspective, told seriously and slowly.

Forget about connecting the dots, the movie does not even cover the important dots. One would have expected that showing an older version of Jobs, would lead to a few scenes that involve his relationship with his family, his early Pixar days, his equation with Bill Gates etc. (My review of iCon-Steve Jobes here )

While it is the prerogative of the makers to pick the scnenes and create their perspective, ‘Jobs’ suffers from a total lack of perspective. At the end of it, the movie neither offers an experience for someone who is well read about Steve Jobs nor creates interest for the uninitiated.

Hopefully the other film based on Walter Isaasson’s book delivers.(Wall Street Blog)

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