Food becomes more scientific…1 min read

…thanks to ‘molecular gastronomy’. 

But is it more tasty? Some of the big foodies and renowned chefs think so.

Followers of molecular gastronomy look to understand the scientific processes behind cooking — for example, figuring out what temperature the egg yolk cooks at compared with the white or how a one degree difference in the oven can affect the roasting of beef. The movement has attracted not only restaurant vanguards but mainstream foodies with an intellectual curiosity such as Nick Spinelli, executive chef at the nation’s No. 1 foodmaker, Kraft Foods (KFT ). Even Nathan Myhrvold, the former chief technology officer at Microsoft (MSFT ), experiments with the concept in his own kitchen, which is decked out with high-tech gear. “We’re learning. We’re becoming better cooks,” says Dufresne. “It’s a misconception that we’re the crazy chefs in lab coats.”

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