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About Critical TV
CriticalTV is a comprehensive web-based television search and
monitoring service that allows users to search, track and view
critical information from television news. The platform provides
real-time monitoring and email alerts for organizations that
require up-to-the-minute news about their company, customers
and competitors. CriticalTV allows users to easily find a video clip
online immediately after its broadcast, instantly share the clip
within a workgroup via secure video-email or a private video gallery,
and order a professional transcript or hard copy online.

How it works
The CriticalTV search platform deploys technology that continuously
digitizes transcripts and live broadcast footage, in real-time, and
indexes and stores each in the CriticalTV media database.
Users are able to perform keyword searches against the
database (a company name, product, person, topic, etc.) and
have their results of their keyword mention instantly displayed
within the platform. Users can than watch the video, read the
transcript, forward the clip on to colleagues, order the clip to an
archive, or a host of other tasks designed for users to effectively
communicate and share their broadcast mentions.

What does Business2.0 has to say
In an era when TV stations are losing their audience to channel
surfing, commercial skipping, and the Web, the ClipSyndicate
site promises to find a better audience for news broadcasts.
Morgan has already struck deals with more than 65 affiliates
and is in discussions with all the major station groups to host
clips from their local news and other shows.

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