“Aussies, 434 ain’t enough”:Proteas1 min read

Looking at 434 on the scorecard, one thought Aussies had not only posted a record total but also registered a de facto win. South African innings was a mere formality to the majority of the 32,000 plus crowd and the seasoned TV commentary team. Never before did a team post a total more than 400 and never before did a team chase such a big score. One miracle happened, odds are stacked heavily against the second.

But to their credit, they sat through and carried on through their motions. The fans cheered their team and the commentators braced themselves for the capitulation of South Africa.

Just after 10 overs, when South African team reached the 100 mark, it appeared a chase was on and Tony Greig, the old war horse of TV commentary, remarked that if Proteas were on to something special he would like be in the box when it happens. And that special, South Africans sure did and Tony Greig was there to see it all.

Superbly led from the front, Smith made a fabulous 90 and Gibbs a memorable 175. Finally, when things went to wire, Boucher took them home. The crowd went berserk in the stadium and so did cricket fans all over the world. They had all seen unbelievable happen twice.

Many records were broken, and the past was questioned, yet again. Most importantly, the bar has been raised. And on a day like this 400+ isn’t enough.