An easy conversion of 2D screens to 3D1 min read

Around five months earlier, Shrikanth Ghanekar, a city-based wholesale textile exporter, watched a 3D film for the first time. The film, Haunted, was being screened at Regal Cinema here, and Ganekar spent Rs 350 to watch it. However, what Ghanekar did not know was it was also the first 3D movie screened in the theatre.

Regal Cinema earlier had a 2D screen and converting it into a 3D screen would have meant an investment of around Rs 45 lakh. UFO Moviez offered to upgrade their 2D screen to a 3D one at almost one-third the cost. With the theatre owners agreeing to it, UFO Moviez set up a platform comprising dual 3D projectors, along with a playback server, 3D format converter, passive polarised filters, a silver screen and 3D goggles. With the help of these, a movie is now processed in stereoscopic format and played back from the server. The video fro the server is connected to a 3D format converter that processes the stereoscopic video and gives two separate frames as output (one for the left eye, the other for the right).

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