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StableDiffusion; photo, to depict how AI is killing the old world wide web, as a confused human looks on

This article discusses how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the web. AI language models and chatbots can generate content cheaply but at a lower quality. This means that AI will remake the web as we know it, from Google Search to Wikipedia and more.

One example of how AI is changing the web is through data scraping. AI firms are scraping data from sites like Reddit and Wikipedia to generate content. This is putting a strain on these sites, as they are having to rethink their openness and how they generate revenue.

Another example of how AI is changing the web is through AI-generated answers. Google is now placing AI-generated answers ahead of data sources in its search results. This means that users are more likely to see AI-generated content, which could have a negative impact on the quality of information on the web.

The article concludes by discussing the challenges and opportunities that AI presents for the web. On the one hand, AI could lead to a decline in the quality of information on the web. On the other hand, AI could also lead to new and innovative ways of generating and sharing information.

The article also discusses the question of whether web scraping is artificial intelligence. The answer is that it is not, but web scraping providers are beginning to use AI and machine learning to improve their scraping capabilities.

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Here is the full article at Verge

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