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From ‘Discover Your Destiny’

“Here is the key. Stop worrying about finding your destiny. Spend your time knowing yourself. Tear down the facade you show to the world and do the deep inner work on yourself needed to know who really are. Focus on rebuilding your self-relationship. Get to know your deepest and truest values. Get to know your preferences and priorities–not those that others have taught you are the most important but those you feel to be of highest value. Get to know what genuinely makes you happy. Bring the subconsciuos patterns and ways of reacting to things out in the light of your awareness, so they can be healed.Get to know your fears and how you came to make them your own. As you come to know who you are, you can then claim your destiny as it draws closer to you. As you get to know who you truly are and what you really are about, you will be able to seize that ‘cubic centimeter of chance’ when it pops out infront of you. And trust me, it will.”

A gem from ‘Looking from Within’

We should never tell ourselves, openly or indirectly, “I want to be great, what vocation can I find for myself in order to become great?”
On the contrary, we should tell ourselves, “There must certainly be something I can do better than anyone else, since each one of us is a special mode of the manifestation of the divine power which, in its essence, is one in all. However humble and modest it may be, this is precisely the thing to which I should devote myself, and in order to find it, I shall observe and analyse my tastes, tendencies and preferences, and I shall do it without pride or excessive humility, whatever others may think I shall do it just as I breathe, just as the flower smells sweet, quite simply, quite naturally, because I cannot do it otherwise”
            – THE MOTHER, in ‘Looking from Within’