Mayabazar’s Lord Krishna: A Symbol of Versatility, Management, and Spiritual Insight 0 (0)

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Lord Krishna, often revered as Jagadguru, which translates to the “teacher of the world” or “teacher of the universe,” earned this esteemed title through his profound teachings and guidance, most notably when he imparted the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna during the epic Mahabharata war. This ancient scripture continues to illuminate the path of spiritual enlightenment for countless individuals to this day.

In the world of cinema, the classic Telugu movie “Mayabazar,” though a fictional adaptation of the Mahabharata, masterfully showcases Lord Krishna in various dimensions, shedding light on his multifaceted character:

1) Communication Skills and Role Adaptability: Throughout the film, Lord Krishna’s ability to communicate effectively and assume the appropriate role according to the situation is exemplified. He is a man of few words, speaking only when absolutely necessary. This trait is highlighted in several memorable scenes. For instance, when the characters gather around ‘Priyadarsini,’ he succinctly states, “Naku priyulu evaro apriyulo evaro naake telidu,” emphasizing his impartiality. In another scene with Sakuni, he displays his playful side, remarking, “meeru dharmatmulu kaadanna pramademene.” Furthermore, his intimate interaction with Rukmini after the ‘Lahiri Lahiri lo’ song, when he says “Rasapattulo tarkam kudadu,” showcases his versatility.

2) Effective Management: Lord Krishna’s exceptional management skills are evident in his ability to defuse tense situations and steer them towards a constructive resolution. In a scene where Balarama engages in a heated argument with Subhadra and Abhimanyu, Lord Krishna tactfully intervenes. He scolds both Arjuna and Subhadra, urging them to leave the palace. This action may appear to favor his brother Balarama, but it is a strategic move to quell the immediate discord. He subsequently directs the charioteer to take them to Ghatochakacha’s ashram, setting events in motion. Another instance of his astute management is seen when he tests Ghatochkacha in the guise of an old man, imparting the lesson that every power has its limits, as he utters, “China mayanu penu maaya.”

3) Timeless Wisdom and Patience: Lord Krishna’s profound understanding of the flow of time and his ability to live in the present moment are essential facets of his character. He recognizes that there is an appropriate time for every action and that sometimes, patience is the only means to resolve complex situations. He allows the cosmic drama to unfold while playing his designated role in it. His actions exemplify the principles of Karma Yoga, where one performs their duties with dedication, even if they possess divine and omnipotent qualities, while remaining detached from the outcomes.

In essence, Lord Krishna’s portrayal in “Mayabazar” not only serves as a compelling cinematic experience but also offers valuable lessons in effective communication, astute management, and the wisdom of living in the present moment. His timeless teachings continue to inspire and guide people on their spiritual journeys, making him a revered figure not only in mythology but also in contemporary life.

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Teacher Rao: A Beacon of Humility and Inspiration 0 (0)

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I spent a few months studying at Ramakrishna Vidyalaya in New Paloncha during the early 1980s. My memories of that time are still vivid. I can recall the imposing hill that stood beside the school and the nearby fields of Bengal gram. Our day began with an assembly session that was quite challenging for some students. I distinctly remember a girl who fainted during one of those sessions. During these gatherings, our principal would address the entire school, and we would participate in devotional and spiritual hymns. At that time, our new school building was still under construction, so our classrooms were located in thatched cement huts.

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, I fondly remember a remarkable teacher named Mr. Rao, if I remember his name correctly, who was our Telugu teacher. He often shared anecdotes from his own childhood, reminiscing about his teachers, whom he affectionately referred to as ‘Ayyavaru.’ He spoke about how these teachers had a profound impact on his character and career, even though they were strict and occasionally resorted to cane punishments. He never concealed his rustic background or accent and frequently mentioned his tough upbringing, including his daily walks to the village school without wearing shoes. He took immense pride in his roots, and this was evident to anyone who knew him.

One amusing incident I recall involves an article in our class textbook about a renowned figure named ‘Dokka Seethamma,’ known for her philanthropic work. I casually mentioned to a friend that she happened to be a relative of our grandfather. Somehow, this information reached Mr. Rao. One day, when I entered the class late and struggled to find a seat, he announced, “Guys, make room for the great-grandson of Dokka Seethammagaru!” I blushed with embarrassment, and the entire class burst into laughter. Later, he asked me about my connection to her, and I explained. He commended me, saying that I should be proud of my heritage and encouraged me to follow in her footsteps by engaging in charitable endeavors.

People like Teacher Rao are rare gems. They bring their humble backgrounds to the forefront, making others feel comfortable, and they shine brightly in their humility.

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