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What do Uber and exotic dancers have in common?

Lap dancers argue the same point. In Stringfellows Restaurants Ltd v. Quashie, for example, an English Court of Appeal case from 2012, the court held that a table-side dancer was engaging directly with customers, and that the restaurant was merely facilitating her services by administering the payments, and providing a venue for performance. Hence, the dancers would be independent contractors for tax purposes.

Uber’s argument is that there is basically no difference between their drivers and lap dancers. Uber is merely a facilitator through its ride platform, and its drivers are in business for themselves

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Why messaging apps may be a key prong in India’s digital payments push

Money at the speed of a message. Perhaps this is the mantra that social media companies, internet companies and even a business process outsourcer are following as they eye a slice of the 95 per cent-plus cash economy that could potentially go digital. Many of those cash transactions — like person-to-person (P2P), person-to-merchant (P2M) or consumer payments — could be done on digital platforms such as chat rooms or messaging apps. Accelerating the shift from cash to digital is the government’s ..

A Short Guide To Work Phone Calls For People Who Grew Up Texting

You might think text and email are better because they’re faster. You can send them at your convenience without needing to schedule a time. But real-time conversations allow a rapid-fire exchange of information. You can correct any misunderstandings immediately. You can negotiate what you need to do, and what needs to get done right away.

In order to make calls efficient, though, you do need to prepare for them. With email and text, you have downtime to think about what you want to say next, which can be a asset. But it can also be a huge source of procrastination.

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