Toliprema is a blockbuster that catapulted Chiranjeevi’s brother Pawan Kalyan in the big league. The film is a runaway hit inspite of a ‘fit-for-nothing-hero’ kind of characterization which is quite a rarity in Tollywood. Usually, it is action films that made stars like ‘Khaidi’ for Chiranjeevi and ‘Shiva’ for Nagarjuna. So, an almost self-effacing ‘Balu’ character making Pawan Kalyan a big star is a rare event.
Usually Tamil directors are known for their unconventional story lines and it appears that story idea as a novelty has been dealt more by Tamil directors than Telugu Directors. Karanakuran broke the traditional mould of a love story and created some very lovable characters including that of the hero-Balu. Usually the reason for seperation of the lovers is their parents or nature. In this movie, it is the inability on the part of the hero to express his love and his insecurity as an individual that becomes the reason.
The movie is about Balu, a lagger in almost everything, but has a heart of gold. He is taken for a ride by almost everyone and his father gets irritated at the very sight of him. However he has a great set of friends(Ali, Venumadhav et al forms this ‘thottigang’) and his very own unmarried Pedananna(excellently potrayed by seasoned actor, Nagesh). How this fit-for-nothing guy’s life is changed by the entrance of a beautiful girl forms the crux of the movie.
Interesting incidents, sensible comedy and a great screenplay makes this film eminently watchable. It’s success could be called a landmark in the history of Telugu cinema.
My picks
1) Heroine’s introduction scene
2) Venumadav’s monologue about girls in town
3) ‘Emi sodara’ song
4) Hero’s sister with her brother before she leaves to her in-law’s house
5) Climax

State of fear

State of Fear by Michael Crichton
Greatness of Michael Crichton is his ability to present some of the esoteric concepts in an entertaining form…and sometimes this is his failing too.

‘State of Fear’ falls in the second category. Set against the backdrop of global warming and all the hallabaloo of the environment agencies, the main characters try to race against time to thwart the plans of so called environment terrorists. A smart government agent, a billionaire, his beautiful secretary and his lawyer form the team that goes against this terrorism. Is this team enough to fight the so called ‘environment terrorism’–is a question that haunts you while reading the novel. And there are hackneyed sub-plots of  misunderstood triangular romance, male-female typical conflict etc.

So, what starts off as promising novel, ends up as a huge repository for all the news items and research rallying against the so-called impending threat of global warming.


This small book by Geet Sethi, makes it for a breezy reading. Good printing, small hardbound edition makes it a good carry anywhere. Work and its aftermath are well dissected and presented from the perspective of a person who conceived and stuck to a single goal–perfection.

On a sidenote, people who had their taste of success will enjoy this book better than people on their way.:-)

ET, IT…and the rest