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Story idea…good enough?

– Is it your story to tell? (Are you interested, have a deep desire to tell it?)

– Is it too personal for readers/audience to get involved?

– Is it going somwhere?

– What’s it stake?

Walt’s Wisdom

Walt Disney speaks

“Really now, would anyone other than your mother like it?”

“Don’t confuse them. Keep it simple”

“Too much action spoils the acting”

“Say something. Be brave”

“I don’t know if it is art. But I know I like it”

“Mushy action makes a mushy statement”

“Why would anyone want to look at that?”

The Aviator

Though quite different at the story level, ‘The Aviator’, does remind you of ‘Citizen Kane’. Even Lenardo’s make up reminds you of me of Orson Welles when he sports a moustache towards the end of the film.

The film is about a maverick entrpreneur who ruled the skies and Hollywood. The result is a heady cocktail of movies, planes, glamor and madness.
The movie though a milestone in terms of Scorcesse’s story telling abiltiies set against a huge canvass, it gets a bit tedious at times.
But in the end, the movie is worth watching, for the sheer craftsmanship of Scorcesse and his enthusiastic potrayal of the lead character. And Leonardo, does not disappoint as a high voltage aviator who rules the sky but fails to conquer the demons in his mind.