Black’ is an unconventional film…in almost every cinematic sense–the casting, the craft of story telling, the music, the setting, the cinematography, the music etc.

The film has its own narrating style, a little theatrical, a little cinematic and it takes a while to settle down to this style. But once you do that you are in for a soulful ride.
I call it a ride, because you can sense the jump in narration sometimes, yet you do not mind it. While each scene is elaboratly shot and presented, there is a certain ‘staccato’ kind of story telling, that makes you interested in the movie.
The story is about a blind girl and her ageing teacher and their mission. If you forget a ‘Deewar’  or  ‘Don’ (I could not) you will enjoy Amitabh’s performance…and Rani Mukherjee, will make you love her as the one and only Michelle.
Besides the superb performances, ‘Black’ is more about its technical finesse-great cinematography and superb editing….and above all the passion of Bhansali to tell a story differently, almost in a Hollywoodesque way.


Composition :

Ragam :

Thalam :

Pallavi :
nAdalOluDai brahmAnandamandavE manasA

svAdu phalaprada saptasvara rAga nicaya sahita

Caranam :
hariharAtmabhU surapati shara janma
varamaunulu pAsincarE dhara tyAgarAju

Word by Word Meaning:
manasa : O mind
nAdalOluDai : become absorbed in music
bramhAnandamunu OndavE : and realise supreme bliss

svAdy phalaprada : giver of tasty fruits
rAga sahita : with Ragas
saptasvara nicaya : created by the union of the seven notes

hari: Vishnu
hara: Rudra
AtmabhU: Brahma
surapati: Indra
sharajanma : Skanda
ganEshAdi varamaunulu : Ganesha and other great sages
upAsincarE : have worshipped this dhara Tyagaraja tEliyu: On this earth, Tyagaraja also is aware of it

O mind! Learn to experience the Supreme Bliss that is in Music!

(Learn to experience the Supreme Bliss that is in Music) which consists of Ragas that are created by the union of seven notes!

(Learn to experience the Supreme Bliss that is in Music) which has been meditated on by Vishnu, Rudra, Brahma, Indra, Skanda, Ganesha and the great sages. On this earth, Tyagaraja is also aware of it!

Notes:This kriti extols the virtues of Nadopasana. It is also interesting to note the usage of unusual synonyms for Brahma and Skanda.